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Ekstralagret Gouda Ost | Premium kvalitet
Ekstralagret ost er lagret naturligt i 10 til 12 måneder. Den... mere info
Så lav som 35,49 kr
Beemster Ost - Gammel | Premium kvalitet
Af alle Beemsters oste er det Beemster Ost – Gammel som har den læn... mere info
Så lav som 44,30 kr
Stompetoren Gamle | Nordholland ost
The Stompetoren Old er en gammel ost, der har kunnet modne naturlig... mere info
Så lav som 44,30 kr
Gammel Nordholland Gouda ost
Old North Holland Gouda er en fyldig, robust gammel ost med en ekst... mere info
Så lav som 42,36 kr
Gammel Økologisk Ost | Premium kvalitet
Kraftfuld og salt beskriver bedst smagen af vores Gammel Øko... mere info
Så lav som 52,37 kr
Gammel Gouda Økologisk Biodynamisk ost - Demeter
Denne gamle biodynamiske Demeter-ost er naturligt modnet i 10 til... mere info
Så lav som 58,50 kr
Farmhouse Fuldmoden Ost
Denne ost lægger på lager i 10 til 12 måneder, f&... mere info
Så lav som 42,96 kr
Bastiaansen BIO Ost Gammel NEW
Opdag den lækre gamle Gouda fra Bastiaansen, med dens kraftfulde sm... mere info
Så lav som 52,05 kr

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Landana Old and Vermeer are delicious old cheeses with a spicy taste. Landana Old is the ideal cheese for lovers of old cheese with character and zest. The old cheese has a full, spicy and characteristic taste. Landana Old has been loved by cheese lovers for centuries thanks to its unique, distinctive flavor. Vermeer is a special aged cheese. In 2012, the Vermeer even received the title of "best cheese in the world" during the International Cheese Contest. The cheese has a wonderful full flavor and also contains less fat and salt.


Old North Holland Gouda and Pure Jersey Wonderfully Old are delicious old cheeses with a spicy taste. Old North Holland Gouda has matured for at least 10 months, resulting in beautiful ripening crystals in the cheese. These ripening crystals provide an extra taste experience. This special cheese is made from 100% pure North Holland meadow milk. The cheese has rightly been awarded the highest score from the Superior Taste Award. Pure Jersey Wonderfully Old is also called "the specialty beer among cheeses". This unique, creamy cheese is an absolute must for lovers of old cheese. The cheese owes its unique taste to the special milk of the Pure Jersey cow.

Very piquant

Beemster Old and Old Frisian Clove Cheese are delicious old cheeses with a very spicy taste. Beemster Old has ripened the longest of all cheeses from the Beemster. This makes it the darkest and firmest Beemster cheese. The cheese is therefore very piquant in taste. The cheese contains salt crystals that perfectly accentuate the delicious basic taste. Old Frisian Clove Cheese has been able to mature in nature for about three years. This gives the cheese a characteristic, piquant taste.